Pure Cold-Pressed Raw Jojoba Oil


Pure Cold-Pressed Raw Jojoba Oil


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A beautiful, luxurious moisturizer for all skin types, including mature, dry, dehydrated, damaged skin. Leaves skin feeling silky smooth and doesn’t clog pores. Fabulous for hair, skin and nails.1 fl. oz / 30 ml


•Raw, unrefined, cold-pressed pure oil
•Prized for exquisite nourishing and line smoothing powers
•Versatile – moisturizes, soothes, massages, conditions, great for shaving
•Ideal for all skin types – silky and non-clogging
•Perfect for face, hands, body, hair and nails
•Stylish dark apothecary glass protects the product 
•Goes perfectly under makeup! 

100% pure golden jojoba oil from a certified organic source – a golden player in any formulation! Cold-pressed, unrefined, virgin organic jojoba oil (which is actually plant wax) is valued for its numerous cosmetic properties. It is considered one of the most universal and luxurious oils in the cosmetic world. Organic jojoba oil is gentle enough for newborn babies and people with extra sensitive and dry skin. It soothes, moisturizes, and supports elasticity while conditioning and softening sun- or wind-burned skin. So versatile, jojoba oil has numerous applications – from moisturizing your face and body, to relaxing sore muscles, nourishing brittle nails, restoring sheen and luster to your hair, shaving, makeup removal and more! Mix your own essential oils in to create your personal blends for any purpose or use it straight – jojoba works wonders either way.

Organic jojoba oil conditions hair and scalp, prevents dryness, and restores manageability. It is more compatible with hair than olive oil and makes a fantastic treatment or styling aid. Use it before washing to achieve maximum benefit for your scalp. Most rinse-off formulas, such as shampoos and conditioners, contain only a token amount of jojoba oil which does not get the job done because the amount is not sufficient and the product is immediately washed off. To make your hair nourished and super healthy, apply jojoba and leave for about 30-40 minutes, then wash as usual.

Jojobaoil is used as a premium ingredient in luxury antiaging facial creams, moisturizers and hair care products. The difference is that in case you buy pure organic jojoba oil you can be sure it’s a real deal, with no fillers, substitues, water and preservatives.

Ingredients – certified organic and produced by sustainable organic agriculture which preserves our earth and your health
Eco-friendly packaging – luxurious dark amber apothecary glass bottle (recyclable and reusable)

This nourishing jojoba oil comes from certified organic source and contains NO preservatives, petroleum derived substances, artificial fragrances, and harmful synthetic skin irritants. YES, this pure jojoba oil is cold-pressed, unrefined, raw, organic, and natural oil because this is how nature intended it to be – pure and effective as it is. Contains NO PRESERVATIVES. Learn more about our organic, vegan and eco-friendly philosophy here

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