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It is dangerous when your cell phone lose signals and become useless outdoors. At this moment, if emergencies quickly arise, we cannot keep in touch with the outside. Having a reliable way to contact friends and family and even to get help is truly a necessity and can keep you alive. The 2pcs USB T11 2W 1500mAh Digital Tube 99 Channel Dual Rotary Knob Fixed Antenna USB Cable Charger Adult FRS Walkie-Talkie is a great device. It is strong and durable and carries a great signal. The frequency range is really quite vast and the receiving sensitivity is unmatched.


1. A lightweight and compact communication device
2. Provide you clear and loud sound
3. Can be used to keep communication with partners or workmates
4. Digital tube 99 channel dual rotary knob fixed antenna
5. Prevent users from receiving unauthorized signal and avoid the interference channel
6. Suitable for many occasions, such as airports, manufacturing plants or concerts etc.

1. Model: T11
2. Color: Black
3. Power: 2(W)
4. Capacity: 1500mAh
5. Brand: pofung
6. Quantity: 2pcs
7. Product Dimensions: 59*27*119 54mm(Antenna)
8. Product Weight: 4.59oz / 130g


Package Includes:
2 x Walkie-Talkie
2 x 1500mAh Battery
1 x USB Interface Charger

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