Female foot pedal thin weight puller elastic belt


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1.Multifunctional Pilates bar is used for yoga and stretching by beginners, experts, pregnant ladies, and disabled persons. Workout and postural alignment is possible while sitting on a bed or chair
2.Morningale Pilates includes strong rod and resistant bands, made up of Steel, Foam padding is easy to grip. Tones of equipment are replaced by one Pilates stick with resistance bands
Resistance band allows you to perform your workout comfortably to get you your dream body. Builds strong muscles, flexible body, strong core, and flat abs with mind-body coordination
3.Conveniently portable Pilates bar kit with resistance band is easy to handle. Use it at home, gym, office, or outdoor. Lightweight, easy to assemble, and fit into a bag. Take it wherever you go
4.A home gym kit is the best gift. It has multiple resistance training. From biceps and triceps, curls to lunges, squats, and more, it lets you get a full-body workout and dream body

Product Name: Plati Fitness Bar
Material: steel pipe + EVA foam + latex rope
Colors: purple and pink
Single package size :51x13x6cm
The length of the product after connection is 94cm and the weight of each product is 0.8kg


Plati Fitness Bar

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